Understanding Management

3rd floor

20th November, 09:30-17:30

Senior management tends to express their desires and objectives in mixed messages. Part of their role is to inspire and encourage, so they need to always give what they believe to be a positive and encouraging message – even when things are going bad: they will talk about the expansion of the business and the future possibilities that are planned, they mention new clients and new markets, then make a large section of the staff redundant; they talk at the same time about the bright future and the need to cut costs. This workshop is an exercise in interpretation of management talk, through the analysis of public statements and reading “between the lines”. Participants should have a better understanding of some of the hidden messages in management communication so that they can approach them more confidently and use the right language to “sell” them their ideas, improvements and new concepts.

Peter Leeson

Orchestrated Knowledge

Peter Leeson is a free-lance consultant and coach focused in business effectiveness. With some 40 years’ experience in the software industry, he is a former process improvement appraiser and instructor for the CMMI Institute. He is an internationally renowned speaker, instructor, and consultant. After spending many years being a process improvement consultant, Peter has focused more and more on the need for job satisfaction and the feeling of achievement as the ultimate key to quality, which means lower time to market and lower costs. Peter has worked in nearly every continent (still missing South America and Antarctica), and believes that any change for the better in an organization has to be deeply rooted in the culture of the country, the organization and the team. Rather than pushing a standard, model or theory, Peter believes in identifying the most pragmatic approach to resolving quality related issues in the organisation by a clear alignment of top-down objectives, goals and strategies, with bottom-up practices and culture.

Price: 250 euro + TVA