Agile Adoption - We can never do that

Pocket room, 1st floor

20th November, 15:00-16:00

Way to often when there is an Agile adoption or transformation in place we hear the words "This is impossible in our context" or simply "We cannot do that". There are always concerns, there are always hard questions. And there are always some simple answers. Clarifying couple of those is definitely a step forward, a step that shows us that we can actually do that.

Bogdan Mureșan

3Pillar Global

I am one of the lucky people to do what they love to do, to fuel my passion for technology. Slowly I moved from building things and discovering new technical challenges by myself, to build teams and work with them to do this together. And more interesting I discovered a real sense of personal accomplishment by sharing what I know with the others. Writing articles, speaking at events, mentoring are things which I never thought I would love to do, but definitely are completing my passion for technology. Currently I am a Senior Director of Engineering for 3Pillar Global being responsible for Engineering operation for 3PillarGlobal Romania, but all the experience I gained, the roles which I needed to fill over time are just a consequence (even a bonus) of what I like to do.