Automotive & Industry 4.0

Autonomous driving: a perspective for steering systems

Conference Hall

21st November, 12:30-13:00

It is a fact, autonomous driving becomes reality in the next years! The current automotive components and systems which are part of a car needs to be redesign in order to fulfill the requirements for this high challenge. Many articles and presentation regarding automotive driving focus on image recognition and artificial intelligence, or how the system recognize the environment and how the system decide which path the car should take.
But an important aspect is always left behind: how to assure that the actuators like steering systems execute precise and safe the received instructions, keeping the car on the road.
This presentation gives you an overview about a current steering system and the needed changes to make the system safe. It also gives you a perspective for highly automated driving (SAE Level 5) when a steering wheel is not even needed anymore.

Septimiu Floca


Septimiu Floca is a group leader at Bosch Engineering Center Cluj and responsible for software development for Electric Power Steering systems. After 13 years of developing software for braking systems at Bosch in Germany, he decided to return to Cluj-Napoca where he graduated at the Technical University in 2003.
Currently he is helping to build up the local Bosch organization, focusing on platform development and customer projects, making the new generations of steering systems safe and secure.