Blockchain - ecosystem of products

Pocket room, 1st floor

21st November, 16:30-17:30

Blockchain offers unique use-cases to be explored in almost any business. From uses cases of reliably financial solutions, tracking inventory, zero knowledge proofs prediction to tracking cars history, there’s an impact we can’t ignore anymore. Centrys has been working on several ecosistems of products leveraging blockchain technologies, and often been in the midst of new opportunities arising. Through all these, we’ve developed a pattern to recognize good ideas and potential successful projects. We’ll present our preferred blockchain uses-case and opportunities, and our developed pattern to recognise ideas worth working for. Join us for our IT days presentation

George Platon


George is a full-stack developer, with a great passion for new technologies, hardware and machine learning. During the years, he was working in different positions, such as web developer, mobile developer, team leader, branch manager and lately entrepreneur. He enjoys getting the best learnings from all the positions he has been through and the people he met.