Entrepreneurship - Between opportunity and adventure

Conference Hall

20th November, 11:00-11:30

Voicu Oprean


Voicu Oprean graduated Technical University of Cluj-Napoca(1994), EMBA at WU Wien (alumni 2008) and London Business School (2018).

Voicu is 3rd times finisher of IronMan international competitions. His winning formula is [IQ+ EQ+TQ+BQ] CQ

  • IQ – Learn at speed
  • EQ - Emotional intelligence
  • TQ - People on top of Technology
  • BQ - Be quick
  • CQ - Creativity

"I have been supporting the business environment and the entrepreneurial community for more than 20 years, since 1998, when we set up AROBS Transilvania Software. I am convinced that one of the engines for every community development is the entrepreneurial spirit and I am committed to support innovative, with real potential. I will always encourage young entrepreneurs to go all the way forward when they find something that works, when things go right. To let go of defensive attitude, focus on gains and opportunities. "

A few words on AROBS: In its 20 years of existence, AROBS has reached more than 800 employees, in all AROBS offices in Romanua, plus its international subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Belgium. AROBS is highly specialized on Automotive, Enterprise, LifeSciences, IoT and Travel software services, but it also has national and international products reknown products as TrackGPS, Optimall by AROBS, etc.