Electronic Trading

George - First intelligent banking

Conference Hall

21st November, 16:30-17:00

The most valuable thing we have is time. It is therefore in human nature to seek ways how to not waste it unnecessarily. And just a continual effort to make things smarter and more efficient - the effort to make life easier - is what moves us further on.

George is a financial digital companion helping people to manage their money. Our mission is to provide access, control and guidance in order to empower everyone to understand. We believe that combining design, technology and intelligence into a comprehensive eco-system of services will have a positive impact on people’s life.

Money is one of the most personal things. So should be banking.

Banking can be complicated. Therefore, George emphasizes simplicity, clarity and reliability when it comes to all its features.

George uses smart technologies and innovations to react to individual situations, thereby empowering people to actively manage their financial life.

George has a strong personality and stands out in the crowd. The name and brand appearance demonstrate confidence, familiarity and creativeness.

Sergiu Penciu


PhD graduate of UTCN with studies in different areas such as journalism (college graduate), advertising/marketing (master graduate) always receptive to everything that's new and always ready to act to take advantage of emerging opportunities.