Hands on Labs

How to create a unique UX combining AR with IoT

Room 32, 3rd floor

20th November, 12:00-12:30

Maybe you are familiar with concepts like 'Augmented reality', ’Industry 4.0’ (aka. ’Internet of things’), but have you wondered if those can be combined to create a single user experience? Well, now it's possible!

Cristian Epure


Passionate about technology and innovation. For me, it happens to wear the hat of the ‘Software Kitchen Chef’ and try crazy combinations. Sometimes we need a little bit of pepper in our lives, in order to escape from daily routine which can become dangerous. I am involved in Software Development as a full-time .NET Developer, but I like to see things from different perspectives. I like to code my work from the stakeholder’s perspective and that’s why, recently I become a certified Project Scrum Master and Product Owner in order to understand better the WHAT? Remember the What and How principle? So, because of that!

Sebastian Sorin


Currently a computer science student in the final year of bachelors, very passionate about bringing crazy projects to life and about solving all kinds of algorithmic problems. I believe that as an artist can create extraordinary paintings, we, as Software Engineers can create extraordinary software that can make an impact in the world.