Optimizing Complex Numerical Algorithms in Python

Pocket room, 1st floor

20th November, 12:00-13:00

Have you ever had to process large amounts of numerical data with Python, in order to achieve a certain result? It probably took your code a lot of time to get through it, since Python isn’t really parallel capable. In this presentation we want to show you there is a way around this. You can still write your code in Python, but we’re just going to change things around for your numerical processing, in order to take full advantage of the hardware you have.

Șerban Marti


I am a Senior Software Engineer, mostly specialising on Backend development, in order to create custom tools for data mining, processing and visualisation, network platforms for data sharing as well as other things. The main programming language I’ve used so far has been Python, which has helped me in solving many problems in an elegant fashion. My main passion when it comes to the IT world is doing R&D. I truly love experimenting with all the newest technologies, both software and hardware, to see how I can manipulate them to work in my favour, to make something work better than before and also solve new problems.

Levente Szabo


I am a Full Stack Web Developer with focus on creating Test Automation and Data Visualization solutions, also passionate about traveling, photography and video games.