Electronic Trading

The Electronic Trading of Cryptocurrencies

Conference Hall

21st November, 15:30-16:00

The raise of cryptocurrency trading over the last few years gave birth to a brand new area in the Fintech landscape. While the blockchain technology promised the ability to easily exchange assets directly between market participants, the reality showed that's not the case in practice – at least not yet. In this presentation Cotyso will give an overview of the current cryptocurrency trading landscape, the main actors and their specific roles, the technologies used and the challenges faced while trying to play a role in this ecosystem.

Cotyso Bodea

TORA / Caspian

Cotyso is a veteran of the financial industry, having spent more than 15 years of his career building automatic trading systems, managing large scale projects for building trading and post-trading systems for the hedge fund industry, and actually trading on the Asian and US markets. Over the last year he focused his expertise on bringing institutional grade trading systems to the world of cryptocurrency trading.